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We provide a variety of styles with a variety of finishes. We would also be happy to custom finish just for you. 


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We make forgotten furniture unforgettable.

​Restored Treasures offers a wide variety of services for your family heirlooms or newly acquired furnishings to showcase in your home. Restored Treasures will meet with you in your home to discuss how you use the piece, what the final product will look like, pricing, pickup and delivery.

If you’re looking for a quality furniture restorer, then you have come to the right place. For many years, we’ve been restoring and refinishing high quality interior furnishings--both new and old, large and small--for both residential and commercial customers. 

Restored Treasures has an array of services to create the perfect look for your family heirlooms, the newest addition to your home, or we can find that special piece for your home. 



We use a variety of paints, stains, varnishes, and finishes. So, we can color match to other items or create exactly what you want! 


We have a passion for preserving the past and utilizing pieces in a ​new an innovative way.  


to your old furniture

Restored Treasures